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Learn more about how we aim to forever revolutionize the breakfast routine of college students

We live in a fast-paced and highly planned world – almost everything we do nowadays is optimized by innovative technologies. We found ourselves wondering... why not breakfast? Like many other students, we found ourselves skipping breakfast altogether, or (at best) grabbing a sugar-filled bar on the way out, leaving us hungry and lightheaded in our morning classes.

The idea for this service came early last fall when our founders– Pedro Bobrow and Christophe Gerlach– realized that a majority of Cornell students were not eating a proper breakfast every morning. The name Suna comes from a Portuguese meaning along the lines of “have it easy”, as Pedro is originally from Brazil.

Here at Suna Breakfast, we are proud to say that we value giving back to the community around us. In May of 2018, by selling Suna t-shirts, we were able to raise over $1000 which we used to provide over 300 free meals to the homeless community in Ithaca. We are committed to improving the lives of those around us as we grow.

Meet Our Team

We Work While You Sleep!

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Pedro Bobrow


Junior at Cornell studying Applied Economics and Management. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Christophe Gerlach


Junior at Cornell studying Applied Economics and Management. Originally from Washington D.C.

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Pehuen Moure


Software Development Engineer for Amazon Robotics. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Sam Brickman

Web Developer

Sophomore at Cornell studying Computer Science. Originally from Westchester, New York.

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Kaysie Yu

Product Design

Sophomore at Cornell studying Information Science. Originally from San Fransisco, California.

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Benjamin Finklestein

Director of Operations

Junior at Cornell studying Industrial Labor Relations. Originally from New City, New York.

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Pippa Thomas

Product Design

Junior at Cornell stuying Information Science. Originally from Los Angeles, California.

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Matthew Coufal

App Developer

Junior at Cornell studying Computer Science. Originally from San Diego, California.

team images

Rohan Lewis

App Developer

Sophomore at Cornell studying Computer Science. Originally from Middleton, Massachusetts.

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Levy Agaronnik

Director of Sales

Sophomore at Cornell studying Applied Economics and Management. Originally from Brooklyn, New York.

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Ben Stamm

Director of Marketing

Freshman at Cornell. Studying Information Science and Applied Economics and Management. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our Service

The entire order is free if we are even one minute late!

The hot items are being prepared by our partners at Lincoln Street Diner, and we make our own yogurt bowls and smoothies with Acai imported from Brazil!

We will leave the food at the door, and send you a picture of it to verify the delivery.

Sorry, but you can only order the night before. We developed this system because we felt that many college students know their morning routine to the minute. By knowing the orders in advance, we are able to keep the prices low for you and deliver exactly when is best for you!

Visit our website and place an order for any day that week by 2am the night before. In the checkout page, you will specify a 5 minute window when you want your food dropped off and the location that is best for you. We currently only deliver to apartments and houses on College Ave. For example, a student could request to have their breakfast dropped off from 8:32 - 8:37.

You can pay with a credit card or with Apple Pay when you checkout, using our secure platform powered by Stripe.

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